Swagger Check.

You ready for the AP Exam?

This week you’ll find out — the practice AP Exam is Tuesday, April 21st, Wednesday, April 22nd, and Thursday, April 23rd during class.  A 3-day exam.  Does it count?  Yep, as your final exam.  20%.  (Not 25% as erroneously stated before.)

What should you study?  EVERYTHING.  The review handouts and your old tests are a good start.dwight1

Did you come here looking for an answer key?

Look on the back of your final exam review packet.  Yep.


Some of you are not reading the question!  READ THE QUESTION!  Part (a) on free response is GENERALLY the easiest.  So don’t read into it, just answer what is being asked.

Also, answer IN CONTEXT.

Lastly, your conclusions should reference significance when inferring about a population (inference).

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