Social Norms for the Technophisticated

We all know I have a lot to say but class time is limited.  This year I will use this forum to enrich classroom discussion by sharing meaningful research and other fantastical and mathematical issues.  And sometimes I will venture to share general tidbits from the “real” world, the world you will soon inhabit.

Today’s nugget was brought to my attention in a blog entry by Peter Klein, a friend and Economics professor at the University of Missouri.  The article entitled “How to Behave: New Rules for Highly Evolved Humans” * from Wired Magazine suggests social norms for today’s technophisticated individual including:

  • Don’t Google-stalk before a first date
  • Wait before revealing TV spoilers
  • If your call drops, call back
  • Delete unwanted posts from your Facebook wallspoilers
  • Meet online friends in the real world
  • Don’t lie with your Facebook photo
  • Balance your media diet
  • Be mindful of your personal space

This said, texting in class is NOT okay.  Even if you are responding to your mom.  Save the social-networking for Social Studies class.

*Some content contained in this article may be construed as offensive and PG-13 in nature.  By clicking on this link you imply your willingness to navigate away from the original innocuous article written by Ms. Lloyd and agree to hold Ms. Lloyd harmless for any and all aftershocks.

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Anna Foard

Former math and statistics teacher. Current statistics consultant, data visualization enthusiast, and Certified Tableau Trainer with Data Crunch.

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